state championships watered down

This weekend I'm racing at the TTT and Masters Track Championships. It's sad how few racers there are in so many championship races. I would like for the district and eventually the NCNCA and NCVA BOD to decide if the championships become meaningless because of so many being offered. For instance, in the TTT, maybe ten teams of four riders need to compete before another category is opened. 200 riders and 5 championships. Not 20 teams and 10 championships. For the track, cut to ten year age groups and crown an omnium champion. Not year events per 5 year age group!

I love both TTT and track racing but "wins" are empty when they are not competitive.

I suggest this for "state" championships only. The local races can offer as many categories as they choose. I just have a hard time with the total number of championships that are on tap this weekend. What's your opinion?

Larry Nolan, Team Specialized Racing

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