SportsBaseOnline-New Additions

HI from your friends at SBO,

Here are a few of the changes that have gone into effect lately.

1. All open and close dates are now based on local time zones.

2. New registered athletes and waiting list pages. These now are exportable to excel and are wicked fast. Click on the header to sort. Try this as a test

3. More power added to the servers site is faster.

4. New guest registration process. You no longer need a profile if you do not want one.

5.Upcoming events email from make you you white list

Coming soon!

New front page.

Faster search and more options.

New registration flow will allow for even faster in and out.

Upcoming registration opening dates and time emails

New addition to the SBO Team

Secret news on Tuesday next week watch for a special email from SBO. This will save you bucks.

See you on the road and please let us know if we can help you

1-801-699-5126 Cell

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