Hi from your friends at SportsBaseOnline.

As we are transitioning from the old site to the new site we wanted to make you aware of a few points.

If you are searching for an event on the old site and cannot find it, it might be on the new site. To access the new site go to You can then select Find and Event in the upper right hand corner and search for the event.

Your profile from the old site has been ported to the new site as well. To sign in and update your profile please follow the steps below:

1. Go to
2. In the upper right hand corner, click Sign In.
3. Your username will be your complete email address and the password will remain the same.
4. Go to Profile, in the upper right hand corner.
5. In the tabs across the screen you can change and update your information.
6. In the Account tab, you can change your username and password.
7. In the Personal tab, you can updated your personal information, including address, phone number, DOB and other pertinent information.
8 . In the Cycling tab, you can select Query USAC to Populate Form. This should bring in your category in the various disciplines. You can also update your team name for each cycling discipline, if necessary.
9. Don't forget to click Save in order to accept the changes.

Once you have updated your profile you will be ready to start registering for events on the new

Thank you for continuing to support SportsBaseOnline.

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