Sports Base Online Follow up

Hi Folks, I just wanted to take a few minutes of your time to talk about Sports Base Online. Here are a few points that may have been missed and some of the new tools and processes coming in the next few months.

1.Sports Base Online does all of the event setup for the online registration process. Just provide us a flyer and we do all of the rest. Once you have approved the registration page we can open the event up.

2.Sports Base Online fees are simple and straightforward; these are based on the entry fee. There are no extra fees or hidden fees for the anything that we offer.

3.Sports Base Online provides a host of tools for the Event Director to use in managing their events.
a.Complete finical (real time) reports. Coming-Fully automated payment system with direct payment if desired.
b.Adding mail-in and manual entries using USAC License numbers.
c.Assigning bib numbers to all of your pre-registered riders.
d.Printing out USAC approved pre-filled in release forms.
e.Complete custom reports in excel format. Supports all of the known timing systems.
f.Email all of your pre-registered riders using SBO email system. Coming-a new and faster system.
g.Add and update Event Details
h.Ability to use discount codes

4.Complete support either by email or phone
5.We work with the Event Director on refunds. Refund policy is at your discretion.

What is coming during the online process in the near future?
1.New search feature was added yesterday. This will allow for a quick and easy search of events for athlete’s to find events in their area. Take a look
2.Faster automated payment system of entry fee’s to get to you
3.Complete donation system for events that are charity driven.

In working with USAC within the next few weeks the first of what we hope to be many new additions will be the following.
1.During the registration process we will run a query against the USAC Suspended rider list and notify the Rider and the Event Director (a report) that they are on the list.
2.Coming soon will more queries checking Category-Age-Gender. We want this to be a stable process as we add them in.

Some of you have used Raceday Version 1. This is an Excel driven software program, which we provide at no charge to Event Director. Once online is closed you can download your rider database and then import: Onsite Reg-Start Lists-Results.

Raceday Version 2 is out now and has a built in USAC Database, which allows for you to manage Day of Race entries with just the athlete’s USAC License number. This makes the process really fast.

Raceday Version 3 will be out within the next few weeks will allow for automated formatting of inputted results to the USAC Ranking Formatted fast and easy.

Sports Base Online takes great pride in providing the highest level of Customer Service possible. We can always be reached by phone or email; this goes for both Event Directors and Athlete’s. Are we prefect no – But with your input I can promise you that we will add tools and develop processes the make events easier to manage, and a great experience for our customer the athlete.

As a group if you would like us to provide a training session just let us know when and where. We will take all of the time required to go thru all of our systems.

Please do not hesitate to give us feed back

Dirk Cowley

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