Special Committee: POLICIES & PROCEDURES

At the most recent Board & Association meetings, there was a creation of and call for volunteers to several special committees.

I'm the Board member assigned to develop and report back on activities of the Policies and Procedures working group. This group will review and make recommendations related to the modification of existing NCNCA bylaws to conform with laws associated with corporate governance, in addition to serving as an annual review body of members for updating the bylaws.

The committee currently has two members at-large, and we are seeking two additional members to serve and support this work.

The P&P Committee will be responsible for the following:
1. Draft the Committee's Mission, scope of duties and timeline.
2. Draft a clear set of submission guidelines.
3. Present said mission, et al, to the NCNCA Board for approval.
4. Initiate activities and formulate recommendations to the BOD for the modification of existing bylaws.

While member participate is strongly encouraged, we need two additional sitting members to serve on the Committee that have any combination of experience in corporate governance, non profit board membership, executive administration management, drafting complex documents, legal drafting.

Please contact me via any one of the myriad of ways available to members your interest and a little bit of your background in this area.

KitCat Racer; NurseKatrina; Katherine Hamilton, RN

Vice President, Medical & Safety

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