Snelling Field Sizes

So I'm trying to wrap my mind around the logic of the field sizes at Snelling and the rate they sold out:

E4 - sold out at 100 with 9 wait listed
35+4 sold out at 50 in about 2 hours with 28 wait listed
45+1-3 sold out at 50 with 13 wait listed
45+4/5 sold out in less than 2 hours at 50 with 36 wait listed

I get not being able to add races to a race day, but why not increase the field sizes to meet the demand? I can't imagine that 100 E4s (no offense guys, I'm a 4 too) could race more safely than 100 35+4s or 45+1-3s. And if the 45+4/5 field is limited to 75 max (which is what I believe it is with a mixed 4/5 field although I may not be current on that), why not do it? Seems like alot of money was left on the table.

I know it's Bob's race and his call, but it's too bad that so many interested folks have to miss out on this classic...

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