Snelling 4s

Hey, just a quick shout out to the Cat 4 field at Snelling this weekend. I don't have too many years of experience on which to base my comments, but I thought that was one of the best Cat 4 road races I have seen. It was consistently fast, and there were some very good demonstrations of bike skills out there. (some of you must have made it to Early Birds!) There was the occasional squirrly move, but overall it was very smooth.

I understand there may have been some "official" action regarding the break and chase groups. Does anyone care to shed light on that?

In anycase, I saw some pretty great team work out there on the part of the Mouse and Squadra. Me and a few of the CycleSport guys, an Eastside guy, and some others went up to work on chasing down the break (thanks boys, that was a lot of fun), and two Squadra guys were up there discreetly but effectively shutting down any rhythm.

Great job, and thanks for a fun race.

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