All of us go through a whole season performing the fantastic exercise called cycling. When it’s a day off…what do we do? We go out for an easy recovery ride, working the same muscles in the same forward pattern – the Saggital Plane for those in the know. All we think of is performing that forward pattern of our legs turning it over and over. With this process of constant repetition, we make some muscles super-dominant and other muscles just fall by the wayside. They are there but really do not come into play for the most part. This can lead to the dependence on the dominant muscles and eventually lead to imbalances which can affect the whole body…knees, hips, back, etc.
I work, as a personal trainer and cycling coach, with many types of clients. They can be soccer moms, your basic gym rat, cyclists – competitive or not, runners or soccer referees. What I see as a result of my training application is the comment “My lower back doesn’t hurt any more”, “My hips are stronger”, “I have a core now and am no longer tired” “My hamstrings don’t seize up any more” “I am more explosive in my sprint”. These types of comments are very true…utilizing a functional type of training regimen… TRX, Kettle bells, Jump Ropes, Medicine Balls, etc.
I conduct small-group sessions of up to five participants (to still be able to pay attention to you and also help with your personal costs) at my ‘home-gym’ in Novato called fundamental: the training center. The link: The set up is entirely functional, which many of you will come to realize is the only way to train your body. I use primarily the TRX Suspension System that was developed by a few Navy Seals. This particular system uses your own body weight and gravity, hitting your core during EVERY MOVEMENT PATTERN. What type of program can say that? We, as cyclists, need that core strength on our long, easy rides as well as during the explosive power of a final sprint. This system, along with Kettle bells for ballistic power and other apparatus will enable you to get stronger, faster, more explosive and, oh yes! HEALTHIER!
We are starting to wind down our racing season, taking other approaches like cross-training (not necessarily Cross you guys!) to still stay in shape but get off the same old wagon. Now is the time to address the reality of your body’s weaknesses and work on them. Most of us usually know what our strengths are – we also usually go out and work that because that is what we are good at! What a wrong! If you have some obvious and not-so-obvious ‘pains’ then this is the time to address them so they do not become chronic.
The SELL: Train with me two times a week for eight weeks…FEEL the change (it takes that long to realize an adaptation).
Train with me two times a week for sixteen weeks…SEE THE CHANGE.
The COST: Utilizing a small-group training, I am able to keep the pricing down (you can now purchase those race wheels) to $25 per session based upon eight weeks at two-times-a-week = $400 per program. Go check out the gyms. They want an initiation fee, the monthly, give you an “orientation” so you know how to work the equipment (why work the equipment – work your body!) with an inexperienced trainer. You have all seen/done that. Yes, I do have a few clients who only work with me once a week – they pay for it each week, not in the sense of dollars but with the non-adaption of their body. They try and recover from a session and finally do, just before being hit again. With the constant application of the correct amount of stress, you will change for the better, become faster, stronger, more explosive and more fit, lose weight and even look sexier (I cannot promise that one).
I am taking applications for Fall clients now. Please give me a call/email to see what days/times you can work with…I will see if I can help with your need.

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