SJBC Mt. Hamilton Road Race Survey - Please Participate


SJBC needs your input/feedback!

It takes a lot of work to run such an epic road race, but we take great pride in hosting this classic. Our goal in hosting this event is to help raise funds to support our Junior and Women's race teams. Unfortunately, due to recent increases in costs beyond our control (county permits, city permits, officials fees, etc.), we struggled just to break even in 2010. We would like to continue to host this event in 2011, but cannot justify it without being net positive.

We are looking for ways to further reduce the cost, but don't want to impact the quality of the event. Since many of the costs are not discretionary, we must also consider raising the entry fee. We know that no one wants to pay more to race, but if the choice was to not have the race at all, perhaps people would be willing to do so. With that in mind, we would like to have you participate in our survey:

-Thank You,

Todd Manley
SJBC President

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