sicko light 776 gram handbuilt wheelset (Edge, Ultralight)

I rode these twice. Come with glued Veloflex Record tires, glued after the Skip Mowatt method from University of Kansas, similar to method used which the Bike Tech Review study shows minimizes rolling resistance. Veloflex Record tires are within measurement error the lowest resistance tires, tubular or clincher, measured in the study.

Here's my blog report on the wheels. Super-light, nice and sturdy. The only downside is such light wheels tend to get blown around in crosswinds for a light rider. But for climbing? Great. Heavier riders (I'm 55 kg) may find them better in crosswinds, as they're low profile.

Original description of wheels

I figured I'd offer them here before sending them to EBay.

$2500 shipped, with tires, no skewers.

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