Show Us Your Kit - Team Kit pictures needed

Please post a set of pictures of your team's kit, whether it's new or if you guys (and gals) have worn the same one for a year or two. But I don't just want a standing shot of your front or back, though post one if you want to show off your sponsors and smile for the camera. What I really need are photos of riders in position on the bike from a couple of angles: Side (showing shoulder and thigh), and a Rear view showing the back and backside if there's a logo there too. Amongst these shots I'd like to see the colors of your kit (or kits if you've got multiple ones this season), and the color, shape, text and size of the logos on your torso, sides, shoulders, thighs and rump.

For those who don't know me, I'm one of those folks in blue and khaki who help out figuring who came in first or thirty-first. Sometimes it's easy to pick the winner or the lantern rouge, and at others it's not. So you'll often see us huddled under a blanket (to keep down glare) paging frame-by-frame through video footage of your criterium sprint trying to pick out riders. When we do that we're trying to read numbers, but glare, other riders, or your arms placed in just the wrong position makes that tough. At those times we then try to see if we can identify the team of the rider and then by process of elimination figure out who is whom. In those cases, knowing the shape and colors of the logo on your upper shoulder, or the typeface used on the side panels of your jersey can be critical.

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