Short summary of Dec NCNCA meeting

Last night was the Dec. NCNCA meeting a few of the things that happened at the meeting were.

2006 officer election
President Casey Kerrigan
VP Road Robert Leibold
VP Operations Roger Marquis
Secretary Erik Salander
Treasurer Janice Goodrich

NCNCA voted to donate $500 to the 2006 WCCC Winter Road Training Camp for collegiate and junior riders.

Instead of buying more of the sticky foil road construction tape for finishlines we will look into getting a rubber mat type finishline that can be used on dirt, wet roads and other surfaces that we currently use the sticky foil tape on. The matt ( if we can find what we are looking for) should also provide straighter finishlines. The ideal matt would be thin rubber with a beveled edge, white background with a black finishline, heavy enough to stay in place when rolled over by bike wheels and long enough so we can roll out what we need for different road widths. If we can find what we are looking for we will get 3 of 4 to support multi race weekends.

The Jan NCNCA meeting will take place after the first Early Bird Crit on Sunday Jan 8th.

The 2006 officials meeting will take place on Jan 15th after the second Early Bird Crit.

There will be an officials clinic on Jan 14th and 15th. The 14th will be classroom type lecture. The 15th will be on the job training with the test being taken during the last race of the day. Robert Leibold has more details on time and location of the clinic. All clubs that are promoting races are strongly encouraged to have at least one official in their ranks.

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