SF Cyclocross Crisis!

We're not flying under the radar anymore

Folks, if you love 'cross racing in San Francisco, please heed the
following request - because every future event (possibly even 2007)
in SF Parks depends upon your cooperation.

The SF Park/Rec. Dept. has had a number of calls from residents near
McLaren Park as well as Golden Gate Park. What's their beef? Riders
have been practicing on the Crocker-Amazon run-up and playfields and
GG Park has seen significant trail use near the Polo Fields course.

Park/Rec grants permits only for course set-up day and the event
itself - they figure their parks can absorb that much impact just
once a year. But the continuous training activities in the last month
have really caught their attention - and that means we have a very
serious potential to lose legitimate access to all SF Parks for

What can we do?
* Stop all training in these 2 parks
* If you know of trail markings or course directional materials,
please remove them from McLaren and Crocker-Amazon playfields and GG Park Polo Field areas.

We are guests in these parks. We used to be able to stay under the
radar when 'cross was less visable and less popular - that's no
longer the case. The sport has grown to the point where we can't take
over public facilies ad hoc - we risk losing the permitted race
courses that have been very tough to obtain - and we'll get chased
out by Park Rangers.


Tom Simpson - Pilarcitos Cyclesports
Alec Simpson - Pilarcitos Cyclesports
Paule Bates - Roaring Mouse

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