Seeking 501c3 Women's Cycling/Racing Club to Donate $


In short, I am in search of a women's competitive cycling club that is a 501c3 organization in which to donate money and assets from the 501c3 women's competitive cycling club I am in the midst of dissolving.

This request is very specific as it is a requirement from the Attorney General's office. If your organization is NOT 501c3, then there is no need to contact me. There is no room for negotiating outside of being a 501c3 organization. It's the government. They set the rules and enforce them.

If you are the contact person or know of such an organization, please contact me at .

Why am I dissolving the organization? I started a business which consumes most of my time and energy, so I am no longer able to manage the club. My loss is your gain.

Thank you for your consideration and for passing along this information to someone at a 501c3 women's competitive cycling club!

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