Sea Otter 40+ Cat. 4 Road Race Results are Bogus!

Dear Fellow Racers,

My name is Patrick Gordis, from Berkeley. For the record, or for whatever it's worth now, I actually won the Sea Otter Road 40+ Cat 4 road race in a solo breakaway, although my name does not appear in the results at all for reasons unknown to me.

On the last lap, I bridged up to a two man break with David Christenberry of Alto Velo and a Pegasus rider who may be John Mundelius. We rode together for a short time and then I went ahead on my own. I then quickly passed the main 30+ Cat. 4 field on a sharp turn and continued ahead by myself with the lead motorcycle in my race. No one caught me or passed me on the climb to the finish (I rode alone), although I believe the 30+ winner came fairly close to me at the finish line. Based on the time differences, one could estimate that I was a little over one minute ahead of my 40+ group at the end.

Various racers in both the 30+ group which I passed and my 40+ group can attest to truth of this, along with the lead motor cycle driver in my race (not to mention my timing chip).

I did attempt to wait around to see the results posted in case there was a problem or mistake. I waited until about 4:15 (or about 1:15 minutes after my race ended) in the area where race results were being posted but I did not see my race results appear. I then absolutely had to leave to return to the Bay Area for a longstanding personal enagement I had for which I was already quite late by the time I left.

It really seems to me a somewhat sad and pathetic state of affairs that I seemed to have been overlooked as a dropped rider or something because I finished ahead of the next group. I gave a 110% total effort to defeat a 100 man field in a solo breakaway and now I don't even appear as a finisher due, I have to assume, to the incompetence of the officials entrusted with keeping the results.


Patrick Gordis, Grizzly Peak Cyclists, Berkeley

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