The Scheduling of Races

Hi all,

I did not make it to the scheduling meeting last night as a co-organizer of the Quad Knopf Sequoia Cycling Classic, but a couple of my friends/training partners did as co-organizers of the Central Valley Classic. I was disturbed to hear that races in the central valley are treated as the “black sheep” of the family. While a valid argument can be made about the QK Sequoia Classic, although a NRC race, being a new race that popped into a somewhat established calendar, CVC’s Central Valley Classic has many years of established quality including previous NRC status.

This is not an easy issue to solve. There are many factors involved including but not limited to: Distance, quality, race categories available, member demographics, the requirement that each team put on a race (or at least co-sponsor), number of race weekends available.

My first series of questions are:
1) What is the NCNCA’s official policy regarding establishing a race calendar?
2) If such a policy does not exist, is there a need to establish one?
3) If the need exists, how should the NCNCA go about in establishing such a policy?

Steve Grusis
Action Sports/SSC Racing Team
Quad Knopf Sequoia Cycling Classic race committee

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