Saturday night in Brisbane!

We'll have our course map posted this week on the nice and tight Sierra Point circuit that will have the last 4 races lit up like Cyclocross Heaven! We have eliminated last year's opening triangle section, both from concerns originating from the City regarding erosion and potential dust later in the year for Marina residents - but also to make sure we can illuminate the entire course without blackouts. We have 15 portable construction light units coming to turn night into race day - and since they're self-contained generators themselves, we hope you'll bring some lights to string up inside your team tent area and plug into our generators - we've got plenty of extension cords.

What will the course be like? If you saw Ruddervoorde, the "Really" Super Prestige race #1, on DVD or on, you'll have an idea. Tight, many turns, at least 4 and possibly 5 dismounts and probably sub-5 minute laps. It's all going to happen inside that big undeveloped block of land we used last year.

Remember, Saturday night! Racing starts at 2:00 pm with a schedule that is different from the rest of the series. Please also note the on course warm-up periods are listed and we've tried to increase them as much as feasible.

Tom & Alec Simpson
Pilarcitos Cyclesports

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