san rafael crit question

Now i hate it when sponsors do not allow see registered athletes option on the registration sites. I would like to know why this particular promoter doesnt provide registered athletes information? I have attended this race in the past and attended there pittsburg crit 2011 and ave personal issues with this promoter. I would like to hear their response to the following situation at the pittsburg crit. So here it is: Numerous riders had brought a couple safety issues to their attention prior to start of races. One of these was a storm grate that was on the iside of the turn and its grates were laid wide and long (a pattern that allowed possible tires to catch). Their answer was they did not have cones and their attitude was that of "I dont care", and that of a director who cared more about the financial gain from their show then the safety of its athletes. I guess you have to be pro inorder for them to listen, because by the start of the pro race, cones started to appear. Not having enoug supplies is no excuse, as a it is a promotors duty to have previously scanned course for possible safety hazards.
I would also like everyones opionions about that storm basin grate that was located in the middle of the road just before the start finish of the pittsburg crit.. How many of you saw that as a possible safety issue? How many of you think it should of been corrected prior to the start of racing?

Thank You.

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