San Jose Start Update

This is information only for those starting from the San Jose Start location.

I encourage you to pre-register for this event:

Day of Registration Entry fee + $5 late fee
Required: USAC release form

Trying to get into the Elite 4s?
Send me email today to get on that list. With so many cyclists upgrading the Elite 3s, slots have become available frequently.

First rider from each field, gets a cash prize.

Mile 26
Neutral Water Zone
600 brand new water bottles (minimum one each)

Feed Zone, you can have someone out there handing you water/food, this is not a neutral water zone, so there will be no SJBC support there, except for course marshals, who will be working to keep the area safe.

Livermore Finish
Water, drink mix & snacks for all cyclists, riding back to your cars or just needing to replenish.

Remember to bring two water bottles, wear sunscreen and have a safe & enjoyable race.

Jonathan Racine
Club President
San Jose Bicycle Club

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