San Jose Crit ... ARE YOU KIDDING?!?

I just read the facny shmancy web page for the new San Jose Crit ....

The Elite 3's and the combined 35+/45+'s and everyone else but the pro's are paying a $52 (+ service charge) entry fee to race for ... medallions? With the corporate sponsorships these promoters have, running a race in the land of Silicon Cresus and the most accumulated wealth since the Ottoman Empire. So where is our entry fee going?

Is this the new Sea Otter / Cougar Mountain promotion pattern?

I really don't get it. It's really not a difficult equation to figure. I ran a small downtown race last year with modest local sponsorships and a reasonable entry fee that was half the exhorbitant $52 price tag. Yet we offered all categories deep and fairly substantial cash prizes, multiple primes (some said too many), race t-shirts, medals, Cytomax jugs and wine to all podium finishers ... AND THE RACE FINISHED IN THE BLACK WITH $3200 FOR OUR CHOSEN CHARITY!!!

So ... WHY are we being asked to pay $52 for a 50 minute crit with no prizes??

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