San Francisco Twilight Criterium

Dear NCNCA race community,

I am writing to inform you that we at Project Sport, Inc., in association with Arete' Racing, have unfortunately been forced to postpone the San Francisco Twilight Criterium, currently scheduled for July 28th, until 2008. First, we apologise for not revealing more information on this event, but our intention was, and still is, to have every detail worked out before press release. We have been working on this project since the end of 2005, and are as disappointed as perhaps you all are, that we are unable to execute the event for this year. Through the grapevine, we have heard there has been a buzz about this race, and we consider that a compliment. We thank you for your interest, and willingness to make this event a possible stop on your calendar, even before knowing all the details.

As you may know, it is no easy task creating an event on the streets of San Francisco, especially in a vibrant neighborhood setting. That said, we managed to acquire the permit with overwhelming support from neighborhood and city officials. Our reason for postponement is not because of the lack of permit or business owners' or residents' approval. It is simply sponsorship. We have a very ambitious vision for this event. It is our goal to re-create the atmosphere and excitement that exists in current twilight criteriums around the country, and bring this to the local Northern California race community. This requires a hefty title sponsor which we were unable to secure for various reasons. As a result, we must now postpone as our deadline to secure police for the event as well as deadlines for other expenses are upon us, and payment is just not possible without our lead sponsor.

So thank you again for your patience with us. We, without a doubt, will bring the San Francisco Twilight Criterium to life in 2008. Please stay tuned. We thank you in advance for your support, and will keep you informed in the coming months on the progress of the event.


Mack Chew
Men's Team Captain
Arete' Racing

Director of Operations
Project Sport, Inc.
mack 'at'
415.640.1111 cell


Ryan Dawkins
General Manager
Arete' Racing

Project Sport, Inc.

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