Rule changes for next year

The USCF Board of Trustees met last weekend to consider rule changes for next year. There was a relatively small number of changes that were considered this year. The main change that might affect the largest number of local riders is a change to the rules that allow the use of radios in races. In the past radios could be used in any race open to 1/2 riders except in junior races. Starting next year radios can only be used in elite races open to 1/2 riders. Radios will not be allowed in master races in 2008.

In track sprints the ride who draws the lead position may not come to a standstill during the first 1/2 lap.

For championship points races the UCI sprint interval will be used.

For Madisons the sprint interval was changed from 20 laps to 5km.

For 15-16 juniors a track sprint event was added to their National Championship omnium.

That covers the changes that would possibly affect the most riders for next year

For 2009 a new event will be added for elite track nationals. The event is called an international style omnium ( just called omnium under the UCI track rules). This event will consist of 5 different races held on the same day. The events are ( in order conducted) 200M flying TT, 5 km Scratch race, 3km Individual pursuit, 15 km Points race, Kilo. Riders have to ride in all events in order to be placed in the event. All finishers get points with 1st in each event getting 1 Pt, 2nd getting 2 points, 3rd getting 3 points etc. The rider with the lowest point total wins. In the final race the riders are paired up based on their omnium standings

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