Risking our well being to take your picture...Thanks!

I wanted to thank the photographer at today's Cloterium who, despite being warned minutes before that she was standing in a dangerous spot ON the race course, was dedicated enough to ignore that warning, so she could take her picture.

Thank you for your dedication. I probably wouldn't be writing this had you just been obtuse and stood on the course, but to do so and then essentially tell the person who's warning you that they don't know what they're talking about, that's just nails.

And after the rider who had to swerve around you crashed into me while I was coasting down in the parking lane, you were dedicated enough to not even check on the carnage you created, because you needed to take pictures of the next field of riders lining up.

And I guess there really wasn't a need to even apologize once you were presented with the damage you created, because after all, art has it's price, right? And you're an artist, so you're above all that anyway.

But most of all I'd like to thank you for the fact that I only have a dozen spots of road rash, a cracked rib, and a bunch of destroyed equipment, because it could have been a lot worse...a small price to pay for those all important shots.

I'm sure you'll be dedicated enough to post them somewhere for sale, it would really be a waste not to make at least SOME money on them considering the time, effort , and carnage that went into the making.

Again, thanks.

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