Rider stats for 2005

It was a great year for growth in the NCNCA territory. As you can see from the numbers below we saw significant growth in all rider categories except for Cat 2 women. We also grew in territory with the addition of a couple of counties. The new NCNCA territory in California starts at the line formed by the southern boundaries of Monterey, Kings, Tulare and Inyo counties and goes up to the CA/OR border. This new territory addition added up to about 35 new racers and two additional races.

There is one potential problem that this new growth is causing. With so many Cat 5s we run the risk of discouraging new riders if they can’t get into races. Due to the rule change for 2006 which limits mixed category races containing Cat 5s to a Max of 75 riders we are seeing some promoters dropping racing opportunities for master Cat 5s. Some of the early season races are restricting the 45/55+ races to Cat 1,2,3,4 riders and some races are having a 35+ Cat 4 or 35+ Cat 3/4 race instead of the traditional 35+ cat 4/5 race. If we don’t give master Cat 5 riders enough opportunities to race we may see riders leave the sport. After all why pay for a racing license if you can’t do the races you want due to either full fields or promoters not offering your category.

total riders 3698 +17.9%

Cat 5s 1149 +30.4%
Cat 4 Men 863 +15.7%
Cat 4 Women 330 +32%
Cat 3 men 676 +7.6%
Cat 3 women 126 +13.5%
Cat 2 Men 352 +5.4%
Cat 2 Women 64 -5.9%
Cat 1 Men 106 +15.2%
Cat 1 Women 32 +13%

Junior Men 139 +75.9%
Junior Women 26 +53%
Total Juniors 165 +71.9%

New Riders 779 +25.4%

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