A Reverse Win & Out Primer for the Napa GP

I've received a number of e-mails asking about the "reverse win & out" format for the Napa River Velo Gran _rix on April 10th.

Here are the "faq's:"

* We will be placing five racers only in races with 50 or fewer participants. We will place a sixth racer if there are races with 50 or more participants to give full upgrade points.
The racers will be informed at the start line how many placings there will be for that race.
No other participants will be placed.

* The winner of the four-to-go sprint will be placed 5th. (And so forth through the final sprint for the win). He/she will be obliged to neutralize and forthwith to safely withdraw from the race. Thus, he/she may not assist teammates nor impede the race.

* Any racers lapping the field will be reintegrated into that field with no benefit and the field will remain on the same lap. So keep the balance and don't lap!

* For obvious safety reasons, there will be no riding celebrations tolerated, even on the final sprint. Any celebrations will result in disqualification. Party like crazy once you're off the bike!

Other things:

If you haven't heard, the "Crazy P" is gone. It's been replaced by the "Ohno Turnaround," a rounded, wide, smooth-paved arcing turnaround. We'll have a wide center to the turn, patterned after a speed-skating track, to keep the turn smooth and fast, and to discourage the slow-downs generally associated with u-turns like Cherry Pie's.

That said, it is a .4 mile circuit with four 90's and the Ohno. I daresay it is the most challenging crit of the year, and the most entertaining for the spectators.

Preregistrants will have preferred starting position (assuming you prefer to start toward the front of the pack).

There is a long, banked lawn along the start/finish span that is perfect for picnics, safe play, and cuddling, so bring the family. It is Napa in the spring, after all!

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