Reverse Win and Out

The Napa River Velo Grand Prix 35+ 1-2 event will be a "reverse win and out", in which the first rider across the finish line gets 5th, then next lap the first rider across the line gets 4th, etc, until the first rider across the line gets 1st on the 5th sprint.

Wierd. I don't know I've seen a race before where there was active disincentive to cross the finish line ahead of another rider. Surely there was a rule on the subject....

But to my surprise, the rulebook never actually seems to say the first guy across the line wins. For example, were I to run a race where the 17th guy across the line were declared winner, the 13th guy second, the 19th guy third, and so without reason, there seems to be nothing preventing it. Maybe I'm missing something.

You'd think such a basic aspect of the race, that the first rider to complete a distance is the winner, would be better defined.

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