Results for USAC Ranking system

I'd like to ask all promoters who plan on sending results into USAC for the national Results and Ranking program to send me their results file before sending it into USAC. Since I have more complete access to the full USAC database and I can often get license information for riders that isn't available in the database file promoters can download from USAC. Also I can make sure the results are properly formatted and has the right category Info so that the results can be used in the ranking system. If we are going to send in the results to USAC the least we can do is make sure our riders are getting the proper credit for their results. PLus if I upload the results for you then I get to deal with the name and License typos that have to be corrected before the USAC system will accept the results.

Also riders please make sure that you use the exact same name when you register for a race as what's on your license. It causes problems if your license has your name as James Smith and you use Jim Smith on your race entry form. The USAC computer isn't smart enough to know that James Smith and Jim Smith are the same person. Same goes for Robert vs Bob, Bill vs William etc. If you have a profile set up with an online Reg company please make sure your profile Info matches what your USAC license is in terms of name used and club and category.

Please note I can't change the results in terms of you think you should have been placed in 10th and the results have you listed as 20th. In most cases once everyone has left the race site the results are locked and don't get changed. In a few rare exceptions if full results were not published at the race site on race day some changes might be able to be made but these changes have to be authorized by the Chief Judge who worked the race and depends on the Chief Judge having the Info to show there was a mistake. Also note that at road races it may take a couple of hours for the full results to be published. In these cases you should either be prepared to wait till the results are published to verify your results. If you can't wait then make sure you have a teammate or friend check your results for you. If the results published online don't match with what was published at the race site then the Chief Judge should be consulted to see if there was a late change to the results or if there was a transcription error. If there was a transcription error then those errors can be fixed after the fact.

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