Results of Special VP Election

On behalf of the NCNCA board, I would like to thank all three candidates -- Ron Castia, Eric Petersen, and Jess Raphael -- for participating in our special election to fill the vacant position of Vice President.

I would also like to thank the NCNCA member clubs for voting. We had a 76% return rate for this election, compared to an 80% return rate during our annual election last fall. The board appreciates the fact that member clubs are taking a vested interest in governance in the district.

The results of the special election are as follows:

Ron Castia – 26 votes (44%)

Eric Petersen – 20 votes (33%)

Jess Raphael – 13 votes (22%)


Lorri Lee Lown, NCNCA president
Robert Leibold, NCNCA secretary
Tad Borek, NCNCA treasurer
Chris Phipps, VP-Road
Rick Adams, VP-Track
George Meilahn, VP-Junior Development
Bill Nicely, VP-Technology
Ryan Fu, VP-Officials
Katherine Hamilton, VP-Medical + Safety
Keith DeFiebre, VP-Mountain + Cyclocross

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