Request to promoters, no primes after free lap ends

I would like to open up the topic of primes at the end of criteriums.

Today at the Hanford Crit, which was well run and was a ton of fun, they were again calling out primes with less than 5 to go.

In the Maters race while in a 4 man break with 4 to go they started handing out pack primes. We got caught with half a lap to go. My teammate in the break was able to hang on and outsprint the pack for the win so not all was lost.

My beef is this, If I cant get a free lap anymore because it could change the outcome of the race. Why should it be seen as "COOL" to ring the prime bell at 4 - 3 - or 2 to go?

This happened all day.

My opinion is that primes are to liven up a race not try and effect the outcome.

Thats just me.

What do you all think?


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