Registration Opening Dates

This is a reply I just posted to a question in another thread about registration open dates but realized it was buried where others may not see it!

Registration Opening Dates
I spoke with SportsBaseOnline (SBO) earlier today and just spoke with Robert Leipold (Velo Promo) on the phone. SBO is just the registration site and their dates are placeholders until the promoter gives them the real registration dates. If you look at one of the Merco races, you'll see what a page looks like when registration is open.

According to Robert, the following races will be open at midnight January 1st (along with the comments Robert made about each event):

1. Cantua Creek (they can add groups, so no need to rush)
2. Dinuba (never fills up)
3. Pine Flat (never fills up)

Snelling is supposed to open at the same time (midnight January 1st) BUT they have not received the event permit back from USA Cycling yet. He doesn't expect to get it because of the holidays. As soon as he knows when the registration will open, he will post it on his Velo Promo website. At this point, he *thinks* the registration could open next Monday or Tuesday at midnight. Snelling is the race that fills up super fast, so you have to get registered ASAP after it opens.

Hope that helps!

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