Race Photography, TOC, S.C. Classic, Watsonville, +?

Hello Everyone,

I'm a professional photographer in Santa Cruz, and an avid cyclist, and started covering bicycle races this year. So far I have shot the 2008 TOC, the Sierra Road climb and the Seaside start, and covered the 2008 Santa Cruz Classic and Watsonville Criteriums. I covered these events on a freelance/stock basis, and have my work available to review here: http://roberttphoto.com/stock/things.htm (I don't have the Watsonville shots up yet, but should by early next week, 7-28, once I am done working the details). If you have interest in any of these shots you can contact me through my site (go to the main page) and I can work out the details with you. I can provide digital or prints or both, the cost will depend on what you want and will do with the work. I do plan on covering more races in the SF Bay area in the future and having the shots posted here and on my site.

Also, if anyone or any team would like me to cover an event specifically for them I am able to work this out with you. Since I have just covered the TOC and Criteriums for my own collection what I have now is pretty random, but if you would like me to cover a specific person/team I will provide good detailed coverage for you.

Thanks for your interest and consideration and happy spinning!


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