Proposed rule changes - USCF Trustees meeting

The USCF Board of Trustees will have their annual fall meeting on the weekend of November 6/7 (along with the meeting of representatives of the Local Associations). This is the session when most rule changes take place. This year there were several changes made during the year - radios, and adopting revised rules for cx (following the UCI lead).

The packet of legislation to be considered can be found at
That packet includes the items already adopted. The standard format is to list the items, and say briefly what they do, without any real advocacy statements.

Most of the changes involving racing are fairly minor. There are a couple of bigger items. There are two versions of a proposal that would restrict the equipment of younger (U17) juniors, following what is done in Australia. I'm sure that this will generate quite a bit of discussion.

There is also a proposal that would change some of the rules about clubs and teams (including permitting riders to be on different teams for different disciplines e.g. cx teams).

There is very little in the actual racing rules, other than changes to the omnium format to reflect how that event has changed, and changes in the rules for miss-and-out races - part of which are needed because that event is now part of the omnium.

As usual there are a bunch of items in the championships sections, involving adding or changing specific events.

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