Promoters Pay Attention! A Downtown Grand Prix, that works.

The Long Beach Grad Prix, Saturday April 4.

Reasons why this race will be a hit:
1: Variable registration fees. P/1/2 = $55, E4 = $30, E3=$40, W1/2/3=$45

2: Big PURSES!
E4 = $750 (7deep)
E3 = $1500 (15deep)
W/1/2/3= $2000 (20deep)
M1/2/3 = $1300 (13deep)
P/1/2 = $10,000 (20deep)

3. Civilized start times (ok there are only a few fields so they can get away with this)

4. It's in LA. There is a track omnium the night before, and a crit the next day in Carson. So this is VERY friendly for a weekend trip. One could go down to LA, race friday, shop Sat morning, race Sat, party Sat night, race Sunday, and drive home happy, and perhaps with a net+$ weekend if they are lucky!!!

Now wouldn't we all rather race a LITTLE less often to have more races like this?

I think so.


P.S. What is truly sad is that there might be more racers from Northern California at this race than were at the San Jose "sudden classic". Ouch...that would hurt.

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