PowerTap wheels for sale or trade

I have two wheels with wired PowerTap hubs that I will sell. I would also consider partial trades for a nice trainer.

One wheel has a Bontrager Aero rim, with 16 paired, bladed spokes, about 2005 model, that was an option on Treks from that time. It has roughly 4,000 miles on it, but is in fine shape and true. See photo here:

The other is a Mavic Open Pro rim, with (I think) 32 spokes. Nice and solid. It has a newer hub, version 2.4 SL. I have put roughly 1,400 miles on it (previous owner rode it less than that), and is in fine shape and true. (No photos handy.)

Both come with the accompanying wiring harness, heart-rate chest strap, dock, and CPU. Both CPUs have issues though:

The older black CPU (came with the Bontrager wheel), version 1 I guess, works fine for pacing yourself during intervals and races, but uses a serial-port dock that I never did get to work. So you may not be able to download your power files to your PC... unless you have better luck/PC skills than I do. You can still read back the intervals and manually enter them into your training log if you want.

The newer yellow CPU (came with the Mavic wheel), version 2.4 SL uses a USB dock for downloads that works great... except that the LCD display doesn't work well (I dropped it once and some of the dash-marks that make up the LCD characters are not working any more). So it's no good for pacing, but fine for long-term analysis, and for detailed post-ride analysis of intervals/races.

I'm in Santa Cruz, but work in Palo Alto, so I can show the wheels there, or anywhere in between. I can also show them in operation on my bike.

E-mail me at dennis_p@comcast.net. Thanks!

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