Post-event paperwork and annual licenses

We've gotten a lot of emails lately from clubs that have put on races, sent in their paperwork to me, and still received emails from USAC about missing post-event paperwork. And from racers who bought annual licenses at an event and haven't gotten their card in the mail yet.

There seems to be a 3-4 week lag at USAC, between receiving this stuff and processing it. And then another few weeks before licenses are issued. So, two things:

1. CLUBS/PROMOTERS: I'll start posting here when I receive and send out post-event paperwork. That way you'll all know it's complete and have a link to point to if needed.

2. RACERS: Please use to buy/renew your license instead of buying one at a race. The volume has dropped off to just a handful so most people are probably doing that. If you do buy at an event, keep your yellow copy. At the bottom it tells you that the yellow copy, plus a photo ID, works as a license until you get your real one. And the form mentions 45 days before contacting USAC if you haven't received one so this is going to be the slow-boat method.

I've been scanning annual license apps since I learned of these holdups so if you bought one at an event and don't have a copy, shoot me an email at and I'll get it back to you if I have it.

Sorry for the confusion, I'll work with Linda Buffetti in Colorado to see if we can improve the process.


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