Portable Velodrome coming to Nor Cal??

Just passing this along for anyone who might be interested.


Dale Hughes here. I design and build velodromes: '96 Atlanta Olympic Velodrome, '02 Pusan Asian Games Velodrome, '06 Doha Asian Games Velodrome, '08 Chinese Disabled Sport Velodrome, '97 SuperDrome and a few others around the world. Here in my hometown I built the International Velodrome at Bloomer Park, Rochester Hills, Michigan.

In 1979, I brought my small portable velodrome to Santa Rosa along with a few riders to be part of Universal Studios movie "Little Miss Marker" with Walter Mathau and Julie Andrews.

I am now designing and building another portable velodrome. It will be completed and ready for transport by mid august. It is called the NAS-TRACK PORTABLE VELODROME

I have funding to bring the track out to northern california again.
I'm looking for short term and longer term sites.

Please contact me if you have interest in being involved or can give direction or suggestions.

Dale Hughes

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