Peak Season Cyclocross Race 4: Sunday 1/25/09

Howdy folks- Marking the return to a much hallowed mud venue, the cx gods have graced our last Peak Season series race with one final muddy event this Sunday 1/25/09 at Aptos High School. That sun stuff is fine and all but the true crossers will show their love of the slop.

Of particular note at this last race is the much heralded Team Relay Race, in which each four-person team has one rider on the course at a time. After a LeMans start, each rider will run to their bike which will be waiting with its rear wheel removed. The riders have to mount their own wheels and take off for their lap. When they come in and tag their teammate, s/he will also have to affix their own rear wheel.

This continues (ad nauseum) until all teams are either finished or we take pity on the poor souls who can't get their wheels in and give them assistance. Single speeders- you already chose your fate and will be punished accordingly.

Abbiorca captured the action from a previous relay race and still have a few photos up at

We will have a *much* shorter lap for the Team Relay. This will make it so the wheel change plays a much more integral part of how the teams finish. Just because you're fast on the course doesn't mean you're fast at changing a wheel...

The Team Relay is just $5 per rider. Teams need to consist of four riders but you can always make up a team at the race with other riders looking for teams. If you can't find enough riders for your team, just ask someone!

Preregistration closes this Saturday at 12noon but raceday Reg opens at 8am and more information is available on the website.

To accomodate the Team Relay and free kids race, please note the updated start times.

9am: C Men, Jr. Men 18 & Under, Jr. Men 13 & Under (30 minute race)
10am: B Men, M35+B, M45+B, M55+, M65+ (45 minute race)
11am: A Women, B Women, C Women, W35+, W45+, W55+, Jr Women 18 & U (45 min)
12noon: Free Kids Race! (1 shorter lap)
12:30pm: 4-person Relay Race (4 lap race on a shorter course)
1:30pm: A Men, Single Speed, M35+A, M45+A (60 minute race)

Thank you,

David Gill
Peak Season Race Director

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