Peak Season Cyclocross: Git yer mud on


Had enough? Nope, didn't think so. Neither have we, and we're just getting started.

Hosted by the Santa Cruz County Cycling Club, Peak Season Cyclocross is the equivalent of surfing's big wave contests, where the events are only held when the conditions are right. Well folks, the conditions are right. If the weather does what they* say it's going to do, we're just now coming into the meat of the cyclocross weather. *They = Mike Evans, our own weather savant and heckler supreme. Mud On!

Peak Season Cyclocross Schedule
Race 1: Sunday December 17, 2006
Race 2: Sunday January 14, 2007
Race 3: Sunday January 28, 2007

Race day schedule
8am Registration Opens
9am Cat. C Men, Cat. C Women, Jr Women, Jr Men 18 & Under, Jr Men 13 & Under
10am Cat. B Men, Master Men 35-44 B, Master Men 45-54 B, Master Men 55-64, Master Men 65+
11am Master Men 35-44 A, Master Men 45-54 A
12noon Category A Women, Category B Women, Master Women 35-44, Master Women 45-54, Master Women 55+
1pm Category A Men, Single Speed
9am categories $15, all others $25. Includes 1-day license and insurance. Day-of Registration only, no late fees.

Check out all those categories; more categories than CX Districts!

All races currently scheduled at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds,
2601 East Lake Ave.Watsonville, CA 95076. I say "currently" because you never know...

Race 1 will be held the same day as the big USAC CX National Championships in Providence, RI. In a sense, we'll be holding our own "Non-profit Natz" the same day. (SCCCC has official 501(c)3 non-profit status)

Race 2 will also play host to the "2007 Santa Cruz County Cyclocross Championships," a fun thing we've come up with to award a special prize to the highest-placed Santa Cruz County resident in each category. That's right, the SC County CX Champs, aka "SCCCC put on by SCCCC."

Race 3 will be held the same day as the giant cyclocross World Championships in Hooglede-Gits, Belgium. So what have we come up with? You guessed it, the Non-profit WORLDS...

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Just for the mud of it,

David Gill
Peak Season Race Director

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