Patterson Pass Water outage- a little rant

Hey Folks,

A little rant here. Not trying to throw anyone under the bus, but yesterday, as many of you found out, VeloPromo ran out of water for the last 1.5-2 hours of racing. Normally i would just say "thats the breaks" but not after what i saw going on early in the Masters 35 1,2,3 group...

On our groups 1st time through the water feed zone ( approx. 10 minutes after starting) i saw several riders grab a bottle from the feed. Again, normally i wouldnt have cared too much, but then i saw a few of them pouring said water over their heads! NOT COOL! Not to mention they had two full bottles on their bikes already...

Two things:

1) Please plan well enough in advance so that you can at least do the first lap of this or races like this, with your own water/fluids. This will helps save Velopromo's water for later in the race when it is most needed.
2) If the day is going to be hot, please dump your own water over your head, not the very water that others could use in groups behind you to stave off the serious dehydration we saw in a few groups yesterday.

Ok i m done.

Jonathan Lee

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