Patterson Pass Road Race-drivers on Altamont Pass Road

Did anyone else experince near misses or even brushes by trucks with horse trailers on Altamont Pass road ( the descent section )? I was hit by a truck with a horse trailer during the descent along with another rider from Alto Velo ( Rory Osbrink ).We were descending in the bike lane and the truck plowed into us just before the intersection at grant line road. The driver did not stop, however the CHP was able to get the guy after a really nice SJBC rider informed the CHP at the intersection about the incident. We were able to get a report from a rider who was just behind us that witnessed the intentional hit from the driver of the truck. Turns out the same driver that hit us was doing the same thing to riders behind us beofore his approach to our group ( honking his horn endelssly and swerving into the bike lane ) Rory and I escaped with a LOT of road rash, and both sides of my ribs are bruised from the impact. Our bikes are totalled. We were surprised that we didn't have more injuries considering the speed we were going at. Its crazy that these people are out there. We could have been killed.
I wanted to see if there were any additional people who had similar experiences or saw anything. We really need to educate the locals around there about sharing the road. PLease let me know if you have any information at all about these drivers or had a similar experience. I will pass these onto the CHP officer who is making the report.
Also, does anyone have any suggestions on the legal side to this-how go go about getting damages for my bike, etc..
Stay safe out there folks....!!

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