Over 4,000 USCF riders in NCNCA

As of today we now have over 4,000 licensed USCF racers in the NCNCA territory. We have 4017 USCF riders in our region which is 9.8% of the total USCF racers. We are the largest local association in terms of number of USCF riders. All of California and Nevada combined has 7707 USCF riders.

Just a reminder that now is a great time to renew your USCF license for next year. Avoid possible delays in getting your license by renewing now online. You should have your new license in about a week and when you renew online you can print out a temporary right away. Note that the USAC office is normally closed the week between Christmas and New Years so people planing on riding at Mt San Bruno or the first Early Bird really should make sure they renew their license before Christmas to make sure they have their license.

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