One of the few benefits of growing old .... gone?

It appears that Tim Healion, the amazing promoter of the Tour de Nez, is on the verge of eliminating the best masters racing event of the year - the three-day Tour de Nez. He is considering giving the masters a single day only.
Tim is apparently not convinced that the masters' support of the event is as fervent as we have been trying to convince him it is, so he needs to hear from the region's masters the acclaim and encouragement that this amazing event deserves!
I'm also not completely certain that he's seeing the trends in 45's road and stage races this season -- Madera, Snelling and Merco selling out in mere hours.
Please send Tim letters of strong encouragement. We need to keep alive the best weekend to be old-aged in the region!!

Please forward this on to your teammates and ancient racing buddies.

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