Observations at Wente Criterium

Strange thing happened in the 35+1/2/3 race. Given that our start was delayed 90 minutes, it may have been possible that registration reopened to allow last minute entants. When we we AT THE START LINE, a rider from a big team called over to his teammate as to whether he was entering that race (he was heading over to the registration table). He had just received his number as we rolled out. He joined the field opposite the officials (while clipped in and hopping over the curb-- Rule1M4) and was soon riding with us. I mentioned he didn't have a number on Rule 1K4(b) and a few laps later he pulled it out of his pocket and started pinning it on as we were racing!! This required him to have BOTH hands off the bars more than once before he had it pinned. Hence a few riders swerved to avoid HIS swerving--Rule 1O6. Much too my suprise, the number he had pinned on was INDENTICAL to mine (#853). Maybe if you're on a big enough team or have a big enough name the rules don't apply, but I don't see why.

The real #853,
George Meilahn

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