notice of special election -- NCNCA Vice President

We are currently accepting nominations for the vacant position of Vice President of the NCNCA. This person would complete the elected term through December 31st, 2010. Nominations should be submitted, via email to secretary@NCNCA. org, by February 3rd, 2010. Each nomination should include a brief (500 word or less) candidate statement. Please include email address of nominee (if you are nominating someone other than yourself).

The duties of the Vice President include:

• Responsible for oversight of all VPs in their respective roles.
• Manage Upgrade Request process.
• Administer Special Grants Program.
• Attend monthly NCNCA meetings and present reports from VPs.
• Run monthly NCNCA meetings in absence of President.
• Voting member of the Board of Directors.
• Elected by NCNCA Membership.

NCNCA Secretary
Robert Leibold

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