Note to promoters about snow fencing

hey promoters

just a thought, please use something besides loose snow fencing on your race courses.

yeah believe me i know dollars are tight and snow fencing is cheep and race promoting is hard thankless work. However that stuff has taken out one of our top riders this year, and yesterday at the SLO crit another fast guy got his shifter snagged on it in a corner and it took him down plus a few others. luckily nobody got seriously hurt.

the problem with snow fencing is that when it used without any exterior frame such as pvc pipe, it just kinda flops around and is not very stable or secure. the slightest breeze can push all or part of it into the street, where it is easily snagged by shifters, pedals, fingers, etc.

for a couple of bucks in PVC pipe, 90 degree els, cement, and zip ties, you can use the snow fencing and build a nice stiff frame around it. just dont unroll it and zip-tie it to some orange pylons and call it good.

~ jonathan
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