Northern California Bicycle Racing Communal Blog

Sorry if you've seen this already - this message is circulating to a
few lists...

Okay, after a little prodding (not much really), I've put together a
communal blog for Northern California Bicycle Racing. Basically, what
we're hoping to accomplish with the site is to provide a place to
capture the incredible bike racing scene here that is neglected by the
media. Yes, does a great job with the National and
European races, but what about us little guys? There are tons of
regional events that don't even get mentioned. This could be a nice
supplement to the race reports.

So please include content to the site - in most cases, your race
reports are more interesting than what the media puts together. If a
bunch of people contribute, it should really represent the cycling
community well. The site is moderated by me, but I don't plan on doing
any editing of content or anything like that. It's just a control in
place that prevents wackos from posting non-bike related stuff (i.e.
Viagra sales). Anyone can post, from the beginner to Pro. The more
content, the more interesting the site. You can even simply post a
link to your existing race reports (as I mention on the site, no sense
in duplicating your efforts). Don't forget some photos!

Please forward this message to other bike clubs/teams/riders, etc. If
there is demand for it, we'll get a fancy website and domain name.
Right now it is very simple and lacks major bells and whistles - but it
is effective (and free!). If you have some ideas for improving the
site, forward it to me as well. Suggestions are definitely welcome!



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