No Pinching (crit crashes)

The crashes seem to be increasing this year, and I have been reading some of the reports from my team mates that raced in the 4s and 35+4s.
One theme I am seeing a lot of is people getting pinched off.
I am hoping riders like Hernando and Metcalfe will chime in.

My perspective is that the person getting pinched is for the most part the one to blame for any contact. Let me explain:
From what I have read in the reports riders (not just mine) were getting pinched off because they ran out of real estate while executing a move to get to the front.
Here is what I wrote to the team:

1. You are not in a good place.
2. You are moving up in a bad place and ran out of real estate.
3. You misjudged your accelaration and ran out of real estate before you successfully executed your move.
4. You didn't commit to your move 100% and ran out of real estate before successfully executing your move.
5. You are not reading and anticipating what the pack's behavior is around the course. The field typically follows the same line in each corner since it tends to be dictated by the wind conditions.

I also suggested to them that the better place to move up is on the long straight away where there is TONS of real estate and a head wind slowing the field down. If they were not capable of moving up there, perhaps they don't need to be at the front.

The Wente crit course is not blame for the crashes, it's not the course, it's the series of bad decisions during the race.

I am certainly not a professional crit rider, these are just my observations over time.


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