NiteRider 10W, 6V halogen bike headlight and taillight

This is their awesome TrailRat lighting system for bicycles. It is a very, very bright light; I've even had people flash their high-beams at me!

Includes the headlight, standard handlebar mounting bracket, rechargable NiMH battery (2:20 hours of full lighting per charge, and the battery recharges completely in 8 hours), battery charger and wires. I also have an optional mounting bracket for attaching the headlight to your helmet, plus an extra-long cord which is nice if you keep the battery in your backpack. I will also throw in the optional tailight, which is extremely bright too.

I bought two of these lights, but only need one now. I live in Santa Cruz, but work in Palo Alto, so you can meet me there or almost anywhere in between to pick it up. Or I can ship it. Please e-mail me at

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