New Rider Info Projet

Based on feedback from new racer surveys last year and this year I think NCNCA needs to put together a comprehensive web page or FAQ for people thinking about getting into racing and people who have just taken out a racing license. Some of the topics that might be covered are.

1) Finding a club
2) Why join a club
3) The basics to know before getting into a race
Basic Skills
Skills Clinics
4) Types of races
Road events - TTs, RRs, Crits
5) Buying a license
6) Where to find race Info
7) How to Register for a race
8) Race Day pre-race
Checking in a Reg table
How to properly pin on your number
9) What you might expect during the race
10) Post race
Checking results/protesting results
11) Basic training Info
12) Upgrading

And what ever else I've missed above that people thing a new racer needs to know. I'm looking for people who want to be part of this project. New riders can suggest topics that we need to include and possible input on what needs to be included. I also need more experienced riders and coaches who can help supply the information we will provide. Hopefully by the start of the new year we can have a web page or a FAQ file ready to go to help the new racers next year.

If anyone is interested in helping out let me know.


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