New Primes for Giro di SF

At this year’s Giro our team’s sponsor, Sportgenic, will be offering primes in the P12, M123, W123 and M3 races. These will be $500 internet advertising primes that, if you win, you can give to your sponsors. We thought this would be a great way for teams to say, “Thank you!” to your sponsors after a season of support. The winner will be awarded the advertising voucher.

If you are in the athletic industry or trying to reach athletes as a group, they will have people on hand to answer questions.

About Sportgenic:
Sportgenic is a leader in online sports advertising. With over 20 million unique users, Sportgenic is the place where marketers come to connect with passionate sports enthusiasts.

Dan Tedford
Active Athlete / Squadra Ovest

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